More Boys Outfits

My friend in Atlanta is having a boy and so is my daughter’s friend in town.  Loving the boat fabric of the previous outfit, I chose the same fabric but in the blue background for my friend.


Also, loving the bucket hat from Oliver + S, I had to do another one.  This one, I lined with pale yellow pique.


This hat makes such a great addition to any little outfit, boy or girl.  How cute would it be in feather wale corduroy!  And of course, it is reversible.


My daughter’s friend is a huge Alabama fan,  so naturally we went with the Alabama themed Johnny.


And naturally, we added the bucket hat with the light gray houndstooth print on one side and the tiny elephants on the other.  Again, the reversible hat was an adorable addition to the whole outfit.



After working on these two outfits and the previous one, I had enough fabric leftover to make three little bubbles using the Children’s Corner Taylor pattern.  I also found this really cute sun hat to make to match two of the bubbles.

First, the football fan bubble:


Next, the boat bubbles:




These are great, quick gifts to make for boys or girls.  What quick, easy baby things do you make for gifts?

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