Ready for Summer

Here in Alabama, Spring lasts about a week at most so it is already getting hot here.   My daughter’s friend is due in August with a baby girl.  They live at the beach so sunsuits were my first thought.  Fabric Finders has an adorable pique fabric with ducks, one in blue and one in pink.

Baby Duck Fabric - White Ducks on Pink | Rubber Duck Fabric               Baby Duck Fabric - White Ducks on Blue | Duck Print Fabric

My daughter loved the pink so I picked it.  I used the Taylor pattern by Children’s Corner and lined it in white broadcloth.   I bought more than I needed (just in case I cut wrong) so with the leftover fabric, I made a bonnet using the Le Petite Enfant pattern by Wendy Schoen.

The bonnet cap is reversible so it can match the outfit.

This outfit is a 12 month thinking the child could wear it by next spring/summer.   The baby’s nursery theme is flamingos and after hearing this, I found some left over flamingo fabric in my stash.

It was only enough fabric for a 3 month outfit

While looking for the flamingo fabric, I ran across some embroidered seersucker fabric that I bought two years ago but had not done anything with it.  Next to it was left over navy gingham that worked perfectly with the embroidered seersucker.  Using the Bonnie Blue pattern Elyse, I made a little sundress with matching panties.

I skipped the ruffle on the panties because I didn’t want it to be too busy.  Also, discovering how quickly and easily I made the bonnet, I made another on for this little dress.

These are two great summertime patterns for little girls.  The Taylor also has a boys version as well.  I would love to hear what summer patterns are your favorites.



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