Hippity Hoppity Easter is on it’s Way!

A friend told me that his granddaughter loved bunnies and that his daughter was looking for an Easter dress with bunnies on it.  I contacted his daughter and asked if I could make a dress for her daughter.

Her daughter is 2 but very petite so all the bunny smocking plates for yoke dresses would be too big.  I concentrated on bishop plates and after about week of debating, I picked Cottontail Bunnies by Mollie Jane Taylor.


For fabric, I chose blue satin batiste to match the little girl’s eyes.  The bunnies were done in white as pictured but instead of trying to make the fluffy tails, try little pom poms.  They work great and are much easier.


For the sleeves, I chose to do lace, beading and ribbon.


To keep it simple, I only did three sets of bunnies, one set center front, and then a set on each shoulder.  The back is just the grass and borders.

I added a slip made from broadcloth of the same color.

I hope this little girl enjoys this dress and maybe next year we can do a yoke dress with bigger bunnies.

What are you sewing for Spring?

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