Basic Bishop

Whenever I see a pretty floral, I can’t resist buying it.  For this bishop dress, I decided to change a little and do the front opening version.  Also, I spent a little extra time at the beginning pleating the sleeves so the construction would be quick.  For the pattern, I used Miche Mooney’s Smocked Bishop and the plate is Ellen McCarn’s Mary Elizabeth, Round Yoke Design II.

Because the dress is a size 2, the rows to be smocked were adjusted to seven.  The smocking design is one of my favorites because it is easy to do and looks great on anything.  I have used it on many different patterns.


The placket was much easier than I anticipated as well.  The instructions were well written and easy to understand.   I thought the sleeves looked so sweet too!

Many thanks to the sweet ladies at The Smocking Bird for their helpful suggestions!  This dress will be a staple for some little girl’s closet for years, or at least until she out grows it!



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