Meet-Up in Vicksburg

Over President’s Day weekend, my friend Melissa and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Vicksburg, MS, for a meet-up hosted by the Magnolia Stitchers.  A meet-up is a chance for members of the Smocking Arts Guild of America to get together and enjoy learning new things.  I had attended one last year at Farmhouse Fabrics and had a great time meeting new friends and shopping for fabric.  A co-worker, Caty, at my office happens to be from the Delta area of Mississppi and helped plan our road trip.

We left on Friday morning but didn’t have to be in Vicksburg until Saturday morning, so we decided to head to Merigold, MS, to go to McCarty’s Pottery.  McCarty’s has beautiful pottery made from the Mississippi Mud.  We arrived in Greenwood around noon and had a wonderful lunch at Fan and Johnny’s.

After lunch, we drove down Grand Boulevard to see the beautiful  homes.  Some of these houses were used in the movie, The Help.  We headed to Merigold on Money Road.  We passed a beautiful old white home that was Skeeter’s house in the movie, the cemetery where Robert Johnson (a blues artist) is buried, and the Tallahatchie Flats, cabins for rent on the river.


An hour later, we reached Merigold and McCarty’s pottery.  The pottery is beautiful and we enjoyed looking around the small show room.

Afterwards, we took our new treasures and headed for Vicksburg.  The Delta has been called the “most Southern place on the earth” with its wide open cotton fields and quaint little towns.  We passed through several of the little towns on highway 61 to Vicksburg.  When we came to Leland, Mississippi, I just couldn’t resist stopping for a picture.


The trip to Vicksburg took about two hours.  We made a stop at Stitch-N-Frame to check out all their quilting fabric and then had dinner at Walnut Hills, a restaurant with wonderful southern food.

On Saturday, we met several of the Magnolia Stitchers for a tour of the George Washington Ball home, one of the oldest homes in Vicksburg.  Our tour guide was the owner herself, Betty Bullard, and she even laid out some of her outfits she wore as a baby.  They were all beautiful!

I would love to replicate the dress, above left, with white Swiss batiste and ecru lace.

After our tour, we all enjoyed lunch at Rusty’s and then continued on to The Sewing Boutique,, for a photo tour of the island of Madeira, a viewing of vintage Madeira embroidery collection and, of course, shopping.  Unfortunately, Melissa and I had a four hour drive back to Birmingham so we could not stay for the photo tour but we did get some shopping in.

Many thanks to the Magnolia Stitchers and Linda Patterson for a wonderful time and to our Delta trip planner, Caty Bragg!


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