Class Project

The Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA) has several correspondence courses you can take to learn new things or to hone your skills on a particular subject.  I took the Beginning Smocking Course with Nancy Malitz.  Although I have been smocking for years, it was great to perfect my stitches.

This past year, I took the Advanced Smocking Stitches and Design course with Nancy.  I loved learning new and interesting stitches that I could incorporate whatever I chose to make.  For our final lesson, we had to design a plate using some of the stitches we learned in class.  It took several tries but I finally came up with this design.


Row 1 is the wheat stitch, row 2-3 is the honeycomb stitch and rows 3 – 7 is the barbed trellis.  After drawing off the plan, I had to do a sample of the design.


I chose to do a bishop dress, size 2 for the project.  The smocking was finished back in April of 2016 but sat on my sewing table until last weekend when I finally took time to finish the dress.



It isn’t perfect but I think it turned out well.  Since this is my first time (and maybe last) creating a smocking design, I will be keeping this dress for my future granddaughter!


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