Holiday Sewing

I love making holiday outfits for children.  I got started early and made three outfits before Thanksgiving so they can be worn the entire holiday season.

The first was a dress for a 3 to 4 month old little girl.  I found a the perfect plate for a baby bishop called Holiday Designs for Carol by Ellen McCarn.

Holiday Designs for Carol - Smocking Design by Ellen McCarn

I used Design V and I thought about doing a simple white bishop but was worried that Santa’s beard wouldn’t show up.  The pale green used in the pictures for the smocking plate was cute so I decided on that.

The tatting trim was perfect for the simplicity of the outfit and the elastic in the sleeves is good if you aren’t sure of the baby’s arm measurement.

The second outfit was for a little girl in Orlando, Florida.  I found some cute Christmas fabric from my stash and made a jumper from the Lucy pattern by Children’s Corner.  The jumper is simple to make and only took half a day.  The blouse took a little longer.


The third outfit was for a little girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I saw this fabric online and loved it!  The child is wearing a size 4 so the big print works perfectly.  I also found some red, pre-made piping that matched.  I skipped doing a blouse because of the colder weather.   The jumper is perfect for a turtleneck and tights.


Two of the three have gone to their “forever homes” and the third will be sent off on Monday.

Did you make something special for the holidays?  If so, I would love to hear about it!

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