Sweet Pink Serenity

I have made Wendy Schoen’s Sweet Serenity pattern several times but always with white fabric and the pink bow.  When I found out that my boss’s daughter is having a girl, I wanted to make the same pattern again but was tired of the white.  I decided on pink satin batiste.  Of course, the bow had to be changed because the pink/peach thread would not work on the pink fabric.  Blue seemed like the natural choice and it looks great.

The yellow butterfly had peach but it was a quick change to a pink.  For the bonnet, I changed all the butterflies to blue and used blue satin ribbon.

I thought the ecru tatting was a better choice than a bold white.   I have attached tatting by machine and by hand and, in my opinion, attaching by hand looks better and is easier to control.  The hardest part is trying to get the header to unlink.  Remember, when attaching tatting by hand or machine, always use thread that matches the tatting, not the fabric.

Hopefully, I will get a picture of the new granddaughter in her new outfit!



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