Flamingo Friends

Two of my co-workers and I went to Orlando in July for a conference.  The three of us work with two ladies who live there and both have adorable little girls, one almost a year and one 2 years old.  These two ladies also are good friends and have play dates for their daughters.  With that in mind, I thought matching outfits for the little girls would be fun.

I started out on the Farmhouse Fabrics website looking at patterns and fabric.  Seersucker was my first idea but I didn’t see anything that really spoke to me, but I did find two patterns that would be perfect.

Once the patterns arrived, I went to the Sewing Room on a fabric quest.  Pink Flamingos?  Perfect!  Luckily, they had all the coordinating fabrics together which made the decision easier.

Gathering fabric has never been fun for me and I delayed starting these two outfits because of the big ruffle on the tops.  My worry was a waste of time because the pattern and instructions made it seem easy to me.    I love a good sewing day!  The ruffle on the panties was a little more difficult but not bad.

For the baby:


And for the toddler:

The pockets:

Nothing really fancy about either of these but they are fun and easy to make.  Hopefully, the moms will enjoy dressing their daughters in them too.

What fun material would you use for these patterns?


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