Another Gift Idea

Last April, I took a class at Cottage Needleworks on how to make a Sew-Together-Bag.  It was a great class and not only did I enjoy learning the project, I enjoyed the company too.  The pattern is from Sew Demented but I also recommend the tutorial from Quilt Barn as well.  The exterior can be quilted or decorated any way you would like to do it.

The bags were much easier than I anticipated with some minor exceptions.  By the time the class ended, I was so excited with the result, I bought fabric to make three more bags.  This is the first post class bag.  This was also my first attempt of diamond quilting too.

This is the second post class bag.

And this is the third post class bag.

The bags are great for holding sewing notions with your projects but I think they could be used as cosmetic bags too.  My daughter thought they would make good gifts with some scented soaps tucked in the pockets.

What other ideas do you have for the Sew Together bags?


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