Baby Bubble

It has been a long time since I did a bubble.  I forgot how cute they can be on little ones just learning to walk!

A couple in Orlando was having their first child, a girl named Nora.  Since I work with the new dad, I wanted to give them a little gift from my department in Alabama.  Two ladies, both with baby girls for whom I made dresses for work with Tom (the new dad).  In order to provide a little variety in the office (as far as baby clothes go), the idea of a bubble popped into my mind.

I bought my “go to” fabric, satin batiste in pink but did not have a clue what to embroider on it.


One of Tom’s co-workers said there was a giraffe in the nursery so when I found this one from Wendy Schoen, I knew it would be perfect. Now the idea of doing a rust brown giraffe on pink fabric gave me a headache.  After talking with my friends at The Sewing Room, we decided on doing the giraffe using different shades of gray.  I was doubtful at first, but it turned out great!

The pattern I used is called Pleated Bubble by Michie Mooney.  I did not follow the directions for the placket because I do not like the raw edge that is left.  Instead, I cut the back piece without the extra placket part and then used the directions from Chery Williams Bishop Bubble pattern.  I used the elastic loops and shank mother of pearl buttons for the back closure.

Here is the finished product.


If you have any questions or comments about anything I have made, please let me know.


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