Giraffe Sleeper

A few Friday’s ago, my daughter called and asked if I had anything she could give her co-worker as a baby shower present.  The shower was the next Monday so there was no time for me to do anything.  She came over and looked through my patterns and picked out the Dream Baby pattern by Wendy Schoen but said she didn’t want any embroidery on it because the parents had a “safari” type theme for their new baby daughter.  That really threw me for a loop.  A boy safari theme I could find lots of fabric for but a girl is a bit harder.  Yes, I could use the more masculine fabric but didn’t think the parents would like having to tell everyone that the baby is a girl and not a boy.  The last few months at my office had been crazy so I didn’t have time to head out to the Sewing Room so I dashed into the Smocking Bird.  I found some fabric that had adorable giraffes on it.  The colors were nice and bright without being overpowering.

I was excited to get started.  After I finished cutting out the pieces, I started on the top.  The top is cut out as one piece and seamed under the arms and down the sides.  After completing the seams, I looked at the front and smiled.  I looked at the back and started laughing.  The giraffes were all standing on their heads!  Luckily, I had purchased more than enough fabric.  To fix this issue, I had to cut one back piece on the fold and then two front pieces.  They were put together by sewing a seam at the top and bottom of the sleeve along with the side seams.  This is the top of the sleeve.


It isn’t perfect by any means but at least it keeps the giraffes on their feet!   Here are the pants.  Usually, I have trouble putting the soles of the feet in the pants but this time it went smoothly.IMG_0519

And here is the complete outfit.  I like to think of it as being a baby safari theme.


As you can see, the fabric can be either girl or boy.


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