Pretty in Pink

My husband has watched me sew children’s clothes for 25 years.  Now when I ask him to look at something I have made, he always smiles and says “Beautiful” even if it looks awful.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when he came and asked me to make something for one of his friends who was going to be a dad for the first time.  For a girl, you can’t go wrong with pink satin batiste.  The smocking plate is based on one from Austrailian Smocking and Embroidery Issue #25, Winter 1993.  After I finished the geometric smocking, it looked a little blank between the Vs so I added the bullion roses and french knot forget-me-nots.  My orginal thought was to do beading and ribbon on the sleeves but I remembered how hard it was to keep the ribbons tied on babies and opted for an insertion band with gathered lace.  I thought a small bit of lace insertion on the skirt would be pretty too.  Embroidery on the fabric between the insertion and bottom lace would be pretty too.  I didn’t have the opportunity to get that done this time.



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