Weekend Projects

Having the chance to travel is a wonderful thing, unless you have projects to finish.  Finally this weekend was my project finishing day.  The first thing I needed to finish was a little Christmas skirt for Violet in Orlando.  The pattern is Katie’s Skirt by Children’s Corner.  It is truly one of the easiest and fastest patterns to sew.  One thing to remember about this pattern, when the instructions tell you to mark the front and back of each piece, do it and make sure you are sewing the correct pieces together.  I point this out because I had to re-do part of the skirt because I wasn’t paying attention.  Also, when sewing the lining to the skirt at the bottom, take it slow.  To me, it was a little tricky but once you get the idea, it is fairly simple to complete.

Christmas Skirt

Christmas Skirt Pocket

Christmas Skirt Lining

I also love the idea of piping the pockets in the lining fabric.  As you can see, it isn’t the traditional red and green of Christmas, but oh so fun and cheery!

Up next, a bishop for a friend of a co-worker.   The mom’s name is Ashley and she is due within the next two weeks.  The pattern is Bishops and Bonnets by Chery Williams.  I have used her patterns for many years for most, if not all of my bishop dresses or bubbles.  The smocking plate is Victorian Lace by Ellen McCarn.  Ellen McCarn has a wide variety of geometric plates perfect for smocking on printed fabric.  Smocked sleeves also adds a nice detail and makes the construction easier.

Ashley Dress Ashley dress close up


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