Nautical Baby

A young friend that I work with is having a baby girl.  The nursery has a nautical theme so the first thing that came to my mind was anchors or boats.  Being a girl, neither of those sounded appropriate.  Looking through Heirloom Embroidery by Michie Mooney, I came across a page with a nautical/beach theme.  My friend Melissa suggested the whale which was a great idea and after seeing a picture of the new nursery, it was perfect.  The room is gray with navy and pink accents.  Of course using my go to fabric satin batiste, I chose pink with gray whales and blue ocean.  The embroidery was fairly simple and was done quickly.  The hardest part was doing the lace on the collar.  In the past, I have attached the lace after putting the collar together.  This time, I pinned the lace to the inside of the collar piece, did a zig-zag stitch over the header, then attached the facing.  Unfortunately, some of the lace folded on itself when I attached the facing so I had to pick out stitches here and there to pull it out.  Next time, I will attach after putting the collar together.

Here is the finished product right before being mailed to Orlando, its final destination.

Whales 3Whales 2Whales

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