Game Day Outfit

My daughter’s college roommate at Auburn has a little girl that is just over a year old.  I made an outfit for her but by the time my daughter was going to see her, the outfit was too small.  I saw an outfit at The Sewing Room in Auburn colors and thought that would be a great idea.  The skirt and the top are both Children’s Corner patterns.  The skirt is “Katie’s Skirt” and the top is “Aprons”, the Jenni Leigh view.  The pattern for the top is really a dress pattern that was shortened.



I loved the idea of the skirt being lined with fabric that matched the piping.  The top was tricky because to add the piping, you have to cut the facing on the fold line.  The pattern does not include instructions for piping the front so I just had to wing it and hope for the best.  The outfit will be going to it’s forever  home this afternoon and I hope to have a picture next fall.

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