Summer Projects

My sewing room has been a busy place lately.  The first project, a friend mentioned wanting matching outfits for her 3 year old and 6 month old.  The boy is the oldest so if I was going to do matching outfits, I needed to do it quickly before the boy outgrew that idea.  Seersucker being the ultimate summer fabric, it was perfect for a pair of shorts and a little girl’s bubble.  In keeping with the whale themed fabric, I ordered a whale appliqued shirt for the shorts.  The bubble is the Taylor pattern and the shorts are Parker’s Pants pattern.  They are both from Children’s Corner.



Next, while at the fabric store, I saw the cutest fabric and just had to buy it.  It is called Children at Play on Parade by Michael Miller.  Because the pattern runs along the selvage edges, it is tricky to work with.  The most difficult thing is the hemming especially if doing an A-line skirt or dress.  On the advice of my good friend Melissa, I decided to do a top and shorts.  The top is from the Jane pattern and the shorts are from the Parker’s Pants pattern, both by Children’s Corner.


My daughter loved it so much she is giving it to a friend for her little girl’s 1st birthday.  Now I am going to give my machine a needed rest and work on some hand embroidery.

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