Lucy’s Blanket & Bib

For our February BSAGA (Birmingham (chapter) Smocking Arts Guild of America) meeting, Jennifer Cornett from The Sewing Room taught us how to do a crochet edge on a hemstitched blanket.  I absolutely loved the look and quickly bought fabric and turned it in to be hemstitched.  The amount of fabric yielded a blanket, bib, and burp cloth. It took me several attempts before I could get my stitches to look right.  After the first, base edge was done, I switched to a bigger crochet needle to do the fans or leaves.


It was easy and fun to do.  I started with the burb cloth, then did the blanket and finished with the bib.  This fabric also comes in blue which would make a great baby boy gift too.  The crochet thread comes in an assortment of colors so you really could choose any fabric.


IMG_0389 IMG_0390


My friend had another granddaughter and I think this pink bundle would make a perfect gift!


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