Dainty Jacket


In the previous Pink Daygown post, I mentioned the dainty jacket in progress. The embroidery was finished and it was time to attach the lace. Attaching the lace was very intimidating for me. Finally mustering the courage to move forward, I took everything out to the Sewing Room for advice. Jennifer, an heirloom specialist, helped me choose lace and showed me how to shape it and miter the top of the scallops. Still I waited two more days before beginning the process. Jennifer explained how to pin the lace to the fabric from the outside, then slowly pin around the scallops and miter the tops. I did this years ago but needed a refresher course. Things have gotten easier as it turns out. Once the lace was in place, I did a wide zig zag stitch by hand from one side of the lace to the other using quilting thread. This is to hold the lace in place while attaching it to the fabric without having to keep the pins in.


2015/01/img_0339.jpg Next, using a small zigzag stitch on the machine, I attached the lace to the fabric. After pulling out the grey basting thread, I carefully trimmed the extra fabric from the jacket. Here is the result so far.




  1. This is darling! I like that you are hand-sewing the lace first. It seems it’s the little extra hand-done steps that result in superior work – which this is! Can’t wait to see the finished jacket.

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