Dream Baby

The Dream Baby pattern is one of the most versatile patterns I have worked with. It can be used for summer or winter babies by just changing the fabric. Also, it can be used for a girl or boy and the only thing to change would be the fabric and maybe the embroidery design. This past month, I was asked by a co-worker to make outfits for her friend. The friend had recently become a grandmother with each of her daughters having a baby boy. For the new arrivals, I chose the Dream Baby pattern and here is the result.



Last week, for a co-worker’s baby shower, Dream Baby was the perfect pattern because the soon-to-be-parents decided not to find out the sex of the baby. The theme of the nursery was nursery rhymes. Michie Mooney has a design from the rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle of the cow jumping over the moon. Because the boy/girl information was not known, I did the top in white and the did two different pairs of pants, one white, the other pink. Here is the result.




Now a former co-workers is having a baby and I am using the same pattern. I started this while on vacation and here is the progress.  The pattern can be purchased at any store that carries Wendy Schoen patterns.  I get most of my patterns from The Sewing Room, http://www.patsyssewingroom.net.




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