Dog Gone!

The sunsuit is complete and will be delivered tomorrow.  The instructions were fairly straight forward and the outfit was completed in about 2 hours.   Please note that the pattern piece shows buttonholes on the bottom sides.  This is actually where the buttons are to be placed.  It can be confusing if you do not realize that.





I love the gingham piping and blue buttons.  The piping was ready-made which saved a lot of time.  This suit can be made using a different color of fabric and changing the bow color if necessary.  There is a girls’ version with a kitten on the front.  Another thought would be use patterned fabric and in place of the puppy/kitten, put a monogram.  The pattern can be found in the book “Creating Heirlooms for Baby” by Wendy Schoen.  The pattern, design and instructions are all included.  This is a wonderful book with many beautiful projects for anyone.


On to the next project!



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