Sweet Easter Dress Construction

The embroidery is finished and the next step is putting in the lace insertion. There was a problem with this. When I drew the pattern on the fabric, I marked lines where the lace would be placed and then marked the embroidery pattern. Unfortunately when I added the insertion, I sewed right over some of the embroidery. I had to take out the embroidery and then re-do it after the insertion was put in. This was more difficult because the pattern had been cut out by that time. I recommend that after drawing the pattern on the fabric, add the insertion (if possible) before working the embroidery. That way you know where everything should be placed.


The pattern suggested gathered lace for the sleeves, but I choose to do flat lace with entredeux. Also, I changed the neckband from the original design and used flat lace.


Gathering lace for the bottom of a dress has always challenged me. This time was no different. I prefer flat lace, but due to the scalloped hem of this dress design, it needed to be gathered. I gave it my best shot and that is about all I can say about it. Overall, it turned out to be a really sweet dress and the recipient was very pleased with the it.


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