Let The Construction Begin!

It is finally time to start working on the dress construction. Again, I am using the pattern Sweet Serenity in a 12 month size. First thing to do was stitch the tucks in the front and back pieces. The instruction referred to the tucks as “release tucks”. I have been constructing children’s clothes for many years and created tucks on several garments. Still I have not heard of release tucks. After much searching on the internet and stressing about what exactly a release tuck is, a great friend of mine (who also sews) let me in on the secret: They just are tucks. The same tucks I have done before just with a different name. Boy was I relieved! Anyway, tucks are done.
Now I am wrestling with the shoulder plackets. I have never made a dress that buttoned on the shoulders before. It is definitely challenging for me. The plackets needed to be shortened a little and the neck facing was entirely too big and had to be re-cut to fit the dress. The plackets have been basted in place and the new facings have been cut and pinned in place. Hopefully tomorrow the facings and plackets will be stitched into place and the dress will start coming together.

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